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i wonder the woods looking for some where to sleep

there’s nothing around me nothing but trees

the darkness it falls like the wave washing on the shore

where can i sleep i no not more

my eye become tired and my head is weak

there is nowhere for me nowhere to sleep

i look at the branches the leaves they lay still

it all looks enticing but i can find soul

my body is weak i cant lift my feet

i must a place to rest my beat

my heart it slow as the wind pass through

where shall i go i need to find you

i lost in the darkness where no light goes

i find a place where no one will go

i cant go on now this much is said

i need to lay down now and rest my wearying head

i come to a clearing where the trees are no more

i find a grassy patch where there is no stone no more

i lay myself down for the sleep i must need

i close my eyes and rest to the sound of leaves

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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