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the clouds are slowly from white to pinky white

the tempreture is dropping and the water turns to ice

the sunlight is now dimming as the clouds start to roll in

the rain begins to fall and freezes as it lands

the rain turns into ice and hail has now fell

the clouds are getting thicker and the birds huddle in for sleep

As the air is getting colder the snow begins to fall

white crisp petal of snow slowly kissed the world

the snow was so quite like whispers in the wind

as the snow got thicker a blanket it will form

the snow lays thick on the trees the ground and the walls

the animals are hiding as winter sets in

the whirly winter winds whip up the laying snow it lays on all it can from trees to frozen ponds

the snow is laying thick it covers all you see

a frozen winter wonderland as far as eyes can see

 as the snow it hits the rooftops it melts where it lay

as the water runs of the rooftops where it lays it form natures lolliepops

the winds are getting colder and the snow lays on the roof

the crisp white passion of winters white cool glow  



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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