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On a bus

I want to run my finger through your hair while we wait
While we wait for that bus oh god it is late
I look in your eyes ,the same thought we have had
We pass the time ,and you will be mine
Time it slows down as my hands run around
Im touching you softly as our hands fool around
Your hands are inviting as you undo my pants
I can not contain it as the end give a glance
My hands move around under your shirt
I find your bra strap and i undo it before it starts to burst
You start to breath quicker as my fingers find your tits
I slide my hands under the cups as you breath
Your breasts are and nipple hard for me
I want to cup them as place in my mouth
Your breasts are so beautiful i think it a must
My heart is keeps pumping and legs start to shake
I think i cant hold it ,i want you so much

I hear something i think its the bus
We don’t want to stop dam this late bus
I do up my trousers ,you pull down your bra
You look at me knowing that this is not done
You wink and you walk to the bus, while you wiggle you bum
We get on the bus and walk to the back
You look at me and whisper , i like upstairs i think there is no-one
We sat down on the top deck and your hands come alive
You look at me willing as you pull down your tights
Your hands are heavy as you pull on your thong and tear at the fabric ,omg this is not wrong

You place my hand as it trembles away ,on to your hot private parts
I can fell you heat rising up out of your lips as my finger starts exploring around your moist clit
I can feel you heart beating as my hand holds you beast
Your loving this feeling ,you say in the best
Your hips are rolling away in my palm , i slide in one finger and you let out a grunt
I can feel your walls tensing from inside you i feel
You unzip my trousers and reach in and grab
You pull out my man piece and start a sort rub
Im now trembling away in you hands , as things pass us by as we are traveling past
The feeling of you stroking my man wood is bliss
I want to be inside you right here on this bus
But now we are cumming you lift up your top
As i start squirting all over your bust
I can feel you body tensing as you start to cum
Your body is trembling and your hips start to shake
Your let out a scream as you hold on to your knees
You bite on to my jacket as the feeling is too much
I keep on fingering and massaging your crutch
Once you finished cumming we get ready to get off
As the bus has reached its final stop

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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