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Morning dew

She wakes up from an unbroken sleep
Dreams of the book she has been reading
She can still feel the excitement
Her heart is still beating fast
Her hands still clammy
She can feel the sweat running between her breasts
She can shake the feeling of what had happened in the dream
Her body longed for more but her brain was awake
So she just had the images burned in to her mind
She could not understand how a dream could do so much
She woke up in fits of ecstasy,and serenity
Her body still convulsing and chills down her spine
The hair on the back of her neck stood on end as the breeze blew in , through the window
 she could not get out of bed as her legs were quivering she felt light headed as the dream took alot out of her
Her breasts were tingling as like her clit
She wonders why she fills like this
Her dream about the book
Was long but good ,vivid and sensual
She closed her eye and more sleep she did want to finish what she started
She pulls up the duvet and holds it tight
Her legs are warm so she kicks out one leg
She likes to lay on her side to sleep
but as she does she feels moist in her pants
She wonders if the dream was that vivid
She takes of her pants and throws on the floor and wonder she was doing and if she needs more
She felt like she was still in her dream as the feeling were still resonating through her
As she laid in her bed thinking about how and where and what happen she found herself getting wetter
Her dream was good but her imagination was better
She would not be going back to sleep as the morning dew could not be wasted
As she would place her duvet between her legs the feeling of the material against her was stirring the excitement inside her

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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