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Snack and relax

its 5.30 and i get home from work

i walk to the kitchen kicking my shoes of my feet

as i put on the kettle i reach for the fridge

open the door i need a snack to eat

there is jelly and ham and even fruit and marzipan

i look in the door there is milk and cream

squirty cream that’s just for me

i take of the lid and open my mouth

i press on the button and fill up my mouth

i hear a knock on the door and give out a shout

as i shout i sprayed out the cream

over the floor i think i need more

after answering the door in back at the fridge

like a kid i need another treat , i want more cream but as i give it a shake

i notice it empty ,oh for gods sake

next its the ham ,that i cooked from last night

it cold and suculent as i give it a bit

the meat it melt ,it melts in my mouth

the kettle is boiling as steam fills the air

i need a coffee ,a snack ,and my chair

coffee is make a cake i have found and my chair is calling from across the lounge

i make my coffee and walk to my chair putting them down as my muscles cants bare

i undo my trousers and they drop to the floor

nothing is better then relaxing in my chair

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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