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To be a writer

To be a writer is a state of the mind we can all do it but i find its to be able to shut of the world around you and find the beauty in everything that you can see around you or in your imagination .
For myself i find that it can be therapeutic to just sit in the garden listening to the world go but and let your self go ,finding that you can be caught up in time with just a pen , paper or mobile device
Inspiration come from anything and everything .
I like to write about dreams i have as that is the best sauce of untapped imagination we have ,your dreams can take you anywhere from nowhere .
The beauty we see everyday can be taken for granted,it could be an tiny ant walking over a leaf to the sun setting behind a skyscraper or even the birth of a star
Inspiration can come at anytime ,in our sleep ,on the toilet or even when we are working
But i find that when i get inspiration my thoughts flow like a everlasting waterfall ,it an raging torrent of picture visions and words
Being able to stand in a field and see a whole story unfold in of your very eyes

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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