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Fallen angel

As this angel come from a far
She was lost from where you are

She fell from heaven
Like a shooting star

Her wing was broken as she laid on the floor
Not knowing pain she cried some more

She walked round earth for a century or two
Coming in to contact with me and you

She kept on traveling as she had no home
Never complaining she would never moan

She traveled the four corners of the world
Looking for a way back to her world

She seen people come and go
Never know why or where to go

War and famine plagued her life
She had never seen pain and strife

She walked the streets hiding in shadows
For she never wanted to be followed

One day she sat and rest her head
Then she woke in a strangers bed

She was found by a friend you see
This friend was an angel just like she

She had been waiting for the time to come
When a friend would come and they could be as one

Now there together they are ying and yang
There story was starting it had just begun

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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