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Midmorning sun

The trees they blow as the spring sets in
The day become warm as nature spread it wings
The bird they fly in the mid morning sun
The grass it sprouts as the foxes shout
The mornings of light although its not bright
Tell all badgers to say good night
The morning may be frosty
But this not for long as the spring days sun wakes up all from there winters long slump
Spring is a paradise for all to be
As everything wakes up to be with me
The meadows are blooming as the sun come around
Now everything’s green that inside the ground
The ponds are teaming with life to be seen
As the fish race the newt’s for the midmorning beams
Spring has sprung and all dreams are met
As they gleam in the spring mornings sun
Tree’s are budding the animals now feed
As berry’s and nuts grow on the tree’s
The fish are fattening as bread falls on the ponds
The ducks they quack to the midmorning sun

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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