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The walk

As i walk through the field of green
In tired and hurting from the days wishing
Passing through the trees in the morning
I find that they were going back

Passing by the world of gold
I pack my bags with treasure and gold
Gems and crystals grow form the trees
And light shines in cascades of rainbows

The wildlife sings to the sound of walking feet
Life its shines and gone in a beat
For the journey to heaven is a long story
That you can write with a blink of an eye

My walk is long and the pictures i take
Are happy and sad but none to glad
Passing the villages and cities from a far
People ask who we are

As i walk form island to island
The sea it sing and the sun will sting
Burning the sand as my feet come to rest
The sand it moves from world to world never staying always changing

My walk is now over
Its time for me to move over
Let you pass so you can see
Just how wonderful this world can be

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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