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As i see you near to me the thoughts of you ,you and me
Passes the for sigh of my mind and wields me to submission
As the memory’s develop like a film in my mind , my hands feel lost they can not find
I search and look but can not see ,that you are not next to me
I injection that feeling of love in my heart
But the serum is strong and places come to me
For we have been ,but never seen
These are the dreams that short out my mind for there is nothing ,nothing but time
Lost in an endless ocean ,without a paddle
I drift and swim but no land to find
The water comes still and the serum wears off
I am weak and still im never lost ,for she watches out for me
In the distance there a shape in the sun
Is it a mirage as i clung for the one
The power is fading and the sprits are low
As i paddle my way to this dying glow
As i get closer my vision its blurred ,but i can make out this shadow of her
I blink and rub the salt from my eye and see you standing there with nothing to say
As you take my hand and we sail away
Over the clouds to where to where the gates they wait
You you and me my eternal mate
We pass the threshold and together well be as the lord intended for us to be.

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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