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The soldiers

The lights are dimming
The air is getting thick
The seats are cold now
There is no one in sight

The bands stopped playing
The dance floor is clear
The bar is now empty
No one will stay

The streets are lonely
The lamps are out
Nothing is moving
No one is out

The church bells are ringing
For its a sad day
The soldiers are home now
As they walk through the streets
Where the kids used to play

The sound of the soldiers
Echoed through the streets
The guns where banging with every step from there feet

They sat down on a bench
In the center of town
Still there’s no movement
No one to be found

Its a sad day for the soldier 
for they have been to war
Once now they are home
The buildings are no more

One soldier is sat with his head in his hand
Looking at a photo of a loved one
Who lived in these lands
The tear are rolling and taking dirt from his face

For he could remember that day
That they were sat on the bench 
Staring at each other on that sunny day
Then down on one day to ask if she would be his wife

As more and more soldiers remembered days like these
Each one has been reduced to tears
But just like a family they all shared there cheers
Talking about each others days with there dames’

Once they had remembered those special days
They started smiling as they looked around
Each had there own place
Where they had there heart

But now it time to get going as the war is to be found
” now lets go and fight now and take back the land and save it for our dames and the child that we found “

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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