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Girl in a red dress

That girl over there with long brown hair
She wear a dress , cut down to there
It was red and tartan with a bow just there
Red shoes and tights and a handbag to match
She would sit there looking for love
She wasn’t a call girl but a maid she once was

She was sat on a bench in the pouring rain
Sat on a bench under a tree waiting and looking for her long lost he
This would be her routine for a couple of months
Looking for the one that would give her love
But as time went by she would wonder why
Her long lost love would never walk by

But on this day she would give up all hope
 some one would walk by in a long dark coat
” excuse me please ” the gentleman said
As he lifes his hat and gives her a smile
” is this seat taken ” the man said as he looks at her
She gives him a smile and shakes her head
” please come and sit ” the girl had said
As she look to the man and realised he was dead
” In sorry there lady if i look out of place”
The dead man said
” you are waiting for me , and now i have come ”
” so please look happy for im your one ”
She could not believe it for this man had said
That she was waiting for him and the eternal bed

” where are we going for im a bit scared ”
The man stood up and took a step back
Reaches out his hand and lifts her up
” I cant tell you for its not my plan ,but you will like it ”
The girl she smiles as she takes his hand
” im not scared if it in the master plan ”

That was the last time that she was there ,sat under the tree wait for her angel to come take thee


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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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