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Pandering Thoughts of love

Walking 1000 mile through space and time can be a chore
But i would do and even more to be with that i adore
To hold your hand in the moon light sky
Looking in to your big brown eyes
To hear you voice circulate the star
Creating a hidden path so i can find my way
1000 miles is not enough so i wont stop to we can be
Embraced in a super nova where we can shape the landscape just to see
I would mould a world in my hands in the image of the promised lands
I would make so the rivers would flow with stardust and each meteor was made of chocolate
Like a gladiator i would stand a fight for your hand all day and night
Like a princess i would be your prince and save you on my noble steed
I might be valiant i might be brave
But if i wave to fight i will not walk away
For you are my soul an this moon light night
You can hold it with all your might

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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