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Warm waters

I step in to the shower and all i could see is water and steam all around me
The water is warm but too warm for me as it heats up the room for me to be
As i back in to the warming jets the water is soothing as it hits my neck
As the water it kiss my pains ,it talk to me and cleans things away
Each drop as it hits on my soft supple skin ,makes my body quiver and my face to grin
The drops are tickling away at my chest like little warming river over my breasts
Each drop would join together in a downwards dance and fall in a tropical dance
Each Rivulets of water touching each part of me , gives me goose pimple for all to see
The water is spraying on all parts of me ,i look like a goddess that sparkle for me
The water is caresses my back to my knees
My buttocks are warm as the shower rain begins to claim , its way around my body every little piece of me
The steam is surging and exploring in the room i see , little moisture kisses in the air for me 
The water is exciting as it strokes over my skin in to ever crease and crevasse on me
The water is exciting as it rolls on down my legs as the bubble burst
The bubble are my friends as they lather up with soap and help me clean my body with every stroke and grope
My hands they feel all soft now as the soap it lathers up , i must start my cleaning but my skin wont let me go
My fingers look inviting as they rub ,stroke and grope
The bubbles they start bursting from between my legs they be
They are bursting on my clitoris, and making my legs tremble and my knees weak
I really must stop now as i think i will go to far
I will finish up with drying or maybe have a bath

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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