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Easter day

The day is Easter , and the year 1926
It was a day much like today , in a house in the country . There was a child much like the ones of today always questioning always playing ,but this child never believed . For this child was a child born into wealth and never had to ask for anything .
This story starts the day before its Easter eve the child was happily playing in there room for he had not many friends , so the dolls and the teddy’s would give this child comfort and play .
As the child was playing the maid came to the room asking if they had been good and if they would see the Easter bunny in the morning . But this child was spoilt and no need to believe as there parents would give them all that they need .
As the day went on the child would ask ” what’s with this bunny and would i believe in a thing that has never come to see me  ”  .the day came to its end and bed time came round , but this child was wanting for this bunny to be found .
Tucked up in bed the child asked the maid why would a bunny come on Easter day . So the maid was explaining the story behind ,the Easter bunny and the ways to be found . As the child got tired ,they tried to stay awake ,but there eyes became heavy and they couldn’t stay wake
The stories are told ,the milk was now drunk ,as the child was all tucked up in there old fashioned bunk . There eyes were heavy and there beds were warm ,but they couldn’t stay awake to see in Easter morn
While they were sleeping on that Easter eve night , there was a sound for it would stir and fright .the child would wake up from a dreamless sleep , and look down the bunk and glance at there feet . The more that they focused they shape they would see , it was a bunny looking back at me .
The rabbit was placing an egg or three and looked back at the child as whispered  to see , ” are you awake child , i have a gift for thee ,im the Easter bunny do you believe in me ” . The child couldn’t believe it as they nodded there heads ” i believe in you now as your sat on my bed “
The bunny would jump up to the child tired face ,and sprinkled some chocolate egg dust and the child likes the taste . ” its time for you to sleep now as it still time for bed , but you will remember seeing me on your bed “
As the child fell asleep they whispered to him ” i believe in the bunny , the Easter bunny is he ” . As the hours past and the sun came to rise ,the child would wake up and rub there tired eyes . Like a great dream the child would look down at there feet . To where the easter bunny had left there Easter treats
The maid came to wake up that child on that day ,to see him smiling and feeling so gay .” i see that your happy did the Easter bunny come ” as the child look and pointed to the Easter fun . The child was excited and then a tear would fall down as they whispered and smiled .
” i believe in the bunny fir i have just seen this little Easter bunny who came to me ”

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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