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Waking up with you

5.00am I woke up with you next to me
I can not move for there’s no time to see
I must get ready for work but your arms are inviting
You roll on your back and look towards me giving your lip a bit of bitting
Your eyes are suggesting for me to stay as you lay there and the clock ticks away

5.30 come round and i should get up but the warmth of your breast keep me near
As the time it passes the feeling of your skin and your embrace is an drug that there is no cure
I cant help this high i feel when we let time go and we stay in each others arms
6.00am comes and goes but still no one knows
We gaze in to each other eyes like stars in the night
Without a word spoken our lips meet and our heart beats for each other
The taste of you lips are an aphrodisiac that i must have
My skin tingles and my pulse races as you drug takes over

6.30am we are entwined in a lustful serenity and an galactic battle of sweat and passion
Your hips roll and i feel the warmth of your love serum soothing my exploring fingers
You breasts gentle and soft , but graceful lightly bounce as your hips roll to the pulsation of your heart
My finger they enter and your body explodes in a cascade of sound and love

7.00am you body tingles and teams with pulsation of passion
I explore your body with blink , not getting enough of your ecstasy
You body twitches and you cry out in a glorious chorus of angel song
Once the waves of high subside and we lose ourselves in the moment
I hold you near and whisper a line or two of our song
As i sit on the bed stroking you back you place you hand around me holding and pulling me back

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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