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The princess

there once was a castle where a princess once lived ,she never came out she never had lived

locked in the tower in a room for a queen , she had a few things but never was free ,to roam the castle to see who she meet

then one day when she turned 18 the door was left open and found herself free , she walked round the castle and met two or three , but no one was a graceful as the stable boy to she

they became friends and love was to bloom , but she didn’t know quite just what to do.

the stable boy lent on over to kiss but the princess she moved and the stable boy missed , she was a lady and never knew what she had done .

but that boy was persistent and he never gave up and princess she love all this time in the scrubs

as they grow older there time was spent playing and exploring till the days end . But as time passed they fell in love to a forbidden love that couldn’t be said

the king a queen where not much there so they never seen a love so bare , but a day had come when the princess was to wed , but she couldn’t do it as the stable boy was hurt

so on that day the when she was meant to be wed she took her life cause the stable boy was dead , the king he had found out about there love that was true

the king tried to pay off the stable boy to leave but he never wanted to be without his princess to be

this is a story of a princess of lost love that just couldn’t find that stable boy love

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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