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Getting ready

Woke this morning feeling tired all over
Had a big stretch from my head to my toes
Wiped the sleep from my eyes and started to get up
One leg out of be , then the other
I was still wrapped up in my bed cover
Went to stand up like a butterfly i was
Breaking forth from my night time cocoon

One foot first it was like learning to walk
 for i was so tired I had no train of thought
The next step was next but my feet wouldn’t move
I was stuck to the floor i couldn’t move
My brain started working and all seemed so clear
One step leads to another and im off to the kitchen to get my dose of morning bliss for i need it dear
I must get ready for times getting on and the trip wont wait for my morning song
As i get ready the radios on playing my tune now this is not wrong
Getting together with a dance and a tea , this is the life that waits for me

Out the door to the car i will be , in a minute or two or three
Packed my lunch and got my coat it now time to leave for my trip          

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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