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Sky lovers

As i lay on the roof is the skyscraper
I look to the sky and wonder why
Why life is sweet when under the feet
As i watch the sky go by , a single cloud caught my sight
The single cloud as it passed  was followed by the love, the love of my life
She came over and laid next to me
Took my hand and counted to three
When she hit three she turned to me , not saying a word just looking at me
She place a kiss , a kiss for me as she was meant to be
Looked in my eyes and then at the sky , points to the clouds as they passed by
I was lost but she found me , i was united with her you see
As her hands locked with me , my legs shook and my mind was numb but she brought me back so we could be as one
As i look at her mouth she whispered the words to make my heart shout
I was united with my dreams again as she look in to my soul again
She hooked her leg over mine and stroked my head never saying why
I was lost in the moment of her and i , as i looked up in to the crimson sky
Night fall was coming and the sun was to set
As just like that our lips met , a thrash of emotion and excitement to be
Then the fireworks explodes inside of me , my body was quivering as she started to leave
“Why don’t come home and be with me”
As i got up my knees where still weak , but she kept going as the sun it set

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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