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Do super Hero’s make lists

Must work on powers
Must get new super hero costume
Need new super hero name
Must get new cape
Need new super hero car

Need a job for cover
Must live ordinary life
Need new apartment
Must feed cat if i get one
Must go shopping

Do you think super hero’s would have a list like this to follow. Would deep down be just like everyone else and have to worry about the day to day problems . You never hear of a super hero being evicted or doing a shopping list . Do they shop on line , or do they get there mums to do it for them

I would love to find out what make them worry ,other then what threat is next . Or when they are having there epic battle in the back of there mind are they thinking
” did i turn off the gas , my phone bill needs paying ,or must get coffee , milk ,and bread ”
You never hear of a super hero starting there day with a full English breakie , do you think they don’t do that cause they are worried that they would get gas when they are at work lol
Now that would be funny lol

Well that’s some of my thoughts on a super hero ,what’s your

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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