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The hobo

My lights are fading
The shadows seem dark
My shoes are worn
As i walk my path

My cloths are torn
But I’ve never worn
My skin is tight
Its seen better day

The things i have
They may be old
All have value
But not like gold

The shirts the i wear
Leave me feeling bare
Cause there are more holes
Then i have hairs

I looking for places
I can lay to rest
I am so tired
I just need soon rest

Im constantly moving
I go with the tides
Im always walking
Never ask for a ride

I have no shelter
All i need is a tree
Just my and the sky
I will be happy to be

Money is wasted
As i live of the land
I like the feeling
As i walk over sand

I will keep moving
There is no time to waste
Life as a hobo
Its me myself
I am but one

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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