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Ghost in my dreams

As i lay her next to you
Your eye are quiet and so are you
Your legs they twitch
Your fingers move
In a dream that’s where you move

I can not help just what you dream
Is it me that you see
Is it my land that holds your
Is it me that makes you walk with on that shore

Do we do the things we cant
Do we walk and sing and chant
Do we talk about things that’s pass
Do we sit down on green grass

In this dream are we asleep
Do we sit and curl our feet
Do we wonder what could be
Do you leave you heart for me
Do we walk , hand in hand
Do we run across white sand

In your sleep your peaceful to see
In your sleep this is where i will be
In your memories i will hold you close
In your mind i will go
Till next time you come and see
I will be here waiting to see

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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