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My vision is clouded

I blink to clear my vision and sight
To things afar that just might
My visions blurred but my judgment clear
As i look afar they seem so near
I cough to clear my throat to hear
My voice it whisper to things so near
My voice it carries in to the breeze
It frozen and fall in loves great tears

The candle light flickers through the night
The moths follow to its flickering light
The Mist forms and sound is blank
My vision no better and my mind is blank

The only sound is a sound not so near
Robotic arms , coupled by rolling cars
These are the sound that man has found
Building towns and farming grounds

The sight is one that man has made
As it pulls down trees and lays to waste
Industry is coming but all not lost
As natures last stand and the man has lost

They cant move its mountains.
They cant drain the sea
Natures still fighting
Just you wait and see

As the mist it fall and sound restores
My vision is purified and my mind is sharp
As i walk along the coast in the dark

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

2 thoughts on “My vision is clouded

  1. They cant move its mountains.
    They cant drain the sea
    Natures still fighting
    Just you wait and see.


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