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The diamond

I look in to a diamond , for tales that its seen
Before its cut and polished, there are many millennia in my hand
The stone is cold and rugged, there is not a corner to be had
Menu moons it been there , just sat there in the ground
People walking over ,people never know
I dust of all the debris and give it a little bath
This stone is more then a pebble , its a hope of love to show
As i cut in to the side of it , a sadness i will feel
Its losing part of what it is , its losing part its soul
I hate the feeling im cutting away at time and space
Im losing a part of me as its no longer whole
I try to wash and polish , i try to make it good
The way the diamond was before , the way i took its soul
The diamond looking beautiful , but i hate what i have done
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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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