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The lake side

It shimmers as the sun beats on
The waters clear as it laps on the shore
The Reid waves as the light breeze passes
The shadows of the hills tickling the tree lines
The birds chase there reflection like a new found friend
A gentle breeze pushes the waves moving with the tide
The fish dance in the soft cold waters , trying to catch there next meal
Kids run and play on the stony shore , jumping  and chasing
The kids wade through the water , leaving ripples glancing on the waters top
Each ripple they create is like an echo in time
The children stand and wait in the soothing water , watching the fish swim by
A single newt passes by and swims back only to climb the Reid next to the kids
Dragon flies chase each other along the shore and rest on the warming pebbles  
A small rock pool teaming with the love of baby fish taking there first swim as they emerge from there egg sacks
As the day flows by the shadows of the morning fade and replaced by newer shadows as nature dances and draw new comers to the watering hole

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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