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As i wonder down the hollowed halls
I run my finger along the blanked out walls
The walls are smooth, they have never been touched
Or so it would seem ,but they have been walked so much
The walls where bare , the ceiling was white
What ever next as i pick up the knife
I must cut out , i must get through
As the blade it enters the plaster its cold
The walls just crumble , as if they are old
Nothing left standing not even a frame

Beyond the walls there is nothing to see
Not even darkness ,not even a tree
There is a void with no light to shine
Nothing to drink , nothing to dine
Im lost in the emptiness of my own design
I could change it , and i could find
There is a way out , there a door that i see
It could take me , take me back to me
This place i have created its only for me
I find myself lost , not knowing your looking for me
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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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