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Dreams our reality

Dreams are an reality that’s store in our minds
Dreams are pleasures that we keep
Dreams are sadness when we weep
Dreams are naughty we shall not speak
Dreams are bad so to keep the balance

From our dreams we can go to places , we have never been . They can show us loved ones , and friends past .
Our dream are locked away in our minds eye for us to see . When we dream we put our selves in a place of vulnerability ,we relive our fears and wishes
People take dreams as a vision , a glimpse to the future . Dreams are memories or a doorway to the past
The doorway open when our eyes shut and close once we are awake . We can tap into this place at our own leisure
Its our own place our own minds our own dreams . The most vivid dreams are usually one that our subconscious hold dear or our highest fears
Every now and then our mind relaxes and will wonder what if , these dreams can take you to places that don’t exist , dreams where you can fly , run on water , or your the super hero . These dream i find are the best we need them for inspiration , as they give us the warm feeling inside . These dreams i find my mind plays side by side and we conquer the world and any villain
Our minds are the kids in us , so lets take care of the kids within and play as much as we can 

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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