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Me and you

The door is close , the lights go out . The bed is cold , and pillows fresh . My heart is pounding , my breathing is deep
You lay down , the bed it creaks . The mattress is soft , your pajamas kicked off.
My finger runs the bed , the sheets they move .
I can feel you moving , i feel your breath. Our flesh touches , your skin is warm
My hands gently move , and you gently shy . The smell of cotton laps your body , my nose excites
The bed jump as i lay , next to you i will stay . Your body drives me , your body entices me
My shirt fly’s off , your hands they roam. The feel of you finger over my chest , your lips kiss my neck .The sound of a kiss teasing my mind , my body shudders .
Your hands cant stop as they move over me , my eye cant see but i can feel . The sound of every creak is a symphony of love
I can feel the softness of your breasts as you lay gently over me . Slowly teasing me , as you erect nipples move over my chest hair
A kiss is placed with love on my lips and words are spoken
” it just you and me ”
My body cant take it , it wants you
Placing each leg either side of my waist , i can feel you heat . You sit up and slowly run your fingers down my body and to my waist . I feel your hips move as you take hold and im your
” you and me ”
 soothing words that echo in my ears , im throbbing and your body want . In a blink of an eye i can feel my underwear come off .
Exposed im at your beckoning call and our body’s join as one . The air grew thick and love taints the air
Our bodies sweat as we move together . In time each movement deeper , each movement soft . Our bodies united , our bodies bound . The art of love we have found
The deeper i am , the more you tremble
You tighten around me as your body explodes with quake after quake , that our love have made
Bound in each other , your body want . My mind cant hold back , i want to explode , i want to cum
” i want you to put it inside ”
With these words it was like the call i wanted , my toes curl and my legs shake . My staying power gone and i cant hold on , my body tenses with every jet . Your body want and i keep giving , my whole body convulsed as i explode and release my warming jets inside you
We lay in each other arms gazing in to each others eyes hands linked
” me and you ”
” just me and you ”

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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