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Dirty phone call

I pick up the phone
Knowing its you
What do we talk about
What do we do

I miss you voice
I miss you touch
I feel a warming
Like i feel with your touch

I can not talk
Your voice is to much
As my hand is holding on to my crutch

Shall we speak
Shall we talk
I want to play
So shall we talk

Where shall we start
I think its to much
As im feeling a moistness
Moistness from my touch

Can you keep talking
What to do next
As my hand is stroking
Stroking down on my breast

Tell me your coming
Im about to explode
As i slip in a finger
And i let out a moan

Are you holding your penis
I can feel it inside
As im moving my fingers
Deeper up inside

Your stroking away
Beating harder i hear
Please can you cum
Please i want to hear

We can do it together
We can do it in time
I can hear that your close
As you let out a whine

Ok im ready
I want to cum
Lets do it together
We can cum as one

Now that is over
I will see you at six
Dinner will be ready
So can you bring home pudding mix

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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