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My little letter

My pen it wont stop shaking
As the ink it hit its mark
The words they are not flowing
I just cant seem to start
My letter that im starting
It shall not write its self
The parchment it keeps turning
As the words they start to melt

My mind is slowly clearing
The words begin to form
Each letter that im write
Its buried deep within my soul
My pen it starts to pick up
The words they write them self
My letter is has no spelling
But each word it can be felt

I have started with ” i love you ”
Now its time to say
These feeling that im keeping
That build up every day
My pen it stops its shaking
My love i start to write
I wont stop these feeling
They stay with me every day

I want to say so much now
My pen it will not stop
Im looking at what I’ve started
It doesn’t seem that much
Each word it has its own truth
As the parchment takes my ink
I will finish with ” i love you ”
Now this is all i can think 

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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