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The lands

The sun light it is fading
The moon light has begun
The flower are now closing
Night time has begun

Some animals are sleep
A new breed has to awake
The trees are deep in slumber
The day time can now wait 

The moon light it will shimmer
As the lake will lay to rest
The wildlife is cooing
As the stars wake from there rest

The wings of time are shading
As the darkness now has fell
The brightness of the moon light
Cast shadows as it falls

The winds are softly soothing
As it rocks the tree to sleep
Nothing is now moving
Not even a baby sheep

This time of rest is short lived
As the night owls start to wake
Chasing down the the last wakers  
As they run home to be safe

As the night time ending
The sun begins to rise
Both lights are now here shining
As it burns through there eyes

The lands are slowly waking
As the moon light has to end
A new day is dawning
As natures slumbers end 

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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