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Power cut ( erotica short story )

9.30 pm all the lights go out , just me and my wife sat on the sofa . I get up to look out side at the other houses to see if everyone’s is out and by the looks of it everyone one is with out power . The only lights you can see is the warming flicker of the candles as they are lit . I turn and find my lighter on the cupboard and light the nearest candle . I continue to light each candle i can find and the light slowly creeps around the room . Each candle lights the room so i can see her beautiful face starring back at me . I cant take my eyes of her , as she looks deeper in to my soul 
” are you coming and sitting down , i feel lonely over here ”
She said , as im lighting the last candle in the room . I cant help but think that this power cut could be something fun , for both of us .
” ok just let me put the lighter some where i can find it next time ”
As i walk back over to the sofa i watched as my she kicked off her shoes and pulled up her long black skirt , and kick her feet up . I could just about see the curvature of her buttocks under her skirt . She leans over to pick up her glass of white wine ,but as she dose her top hangs and she looks over at me with that look that draws me in .
” are you coming to sit down we can chat ”
Her eyes are pulling me in , with each footstep i can feel my heart starting to race . My knees are trembling and my hand seem clammy, but with out fail i walk over to her and sit on the sofa . I look over to her as she take a sip of the cold wine , as she raises the glass to her lips i could see a single bead of moisture running down the glass and stopping at her finger .
” this wine is lovely, so sweet and with a crisp bit to it . Im already on my second glass and i think its going to my head ”
She said with a smile on her face . She place the glass back on to the coffee table and the wipes the moisture from her hand on her skirt , but as she is doing it she is pulling it up . It has now exposed enough leg so that i now feel i must stop my self form looking .
” come on babe why did you look away ”
” i didn’t i was just checking the candles don’t want to start a fire do we ” .
I said with a smile on my face and a twitching in my pants
” oh ok ” she said
At this point she leans over and starts to stroke her ankle , as a way of getting my attention. Once she knows she has her hand in my field of view her hand starts raising up her leg .
” babe so how was work ”
She was trying to catch my eye with conversation,  but like a gentleman i faced forward and shyly looked out the corner of my eye . I was mesmerized but i could not stop that feeling that i wanted her so much . Her hand kept its slow pace up her leg but once it ran past her knee it must of tickled her , as her leg twitched . 
I could see her leg getting higher and higher , now i really want to see . As i turned my head I could just see her knickers and then her legs fell apart ,like the opening of a flower .
” do you like what you see ”
I nodded , i could see her white laced French knickers . She knew that they were my favourite, her hand did not stop moving as her finger reached the top of her legs . I wanted to move closer but i felt i couldn’t , the anticipation of what she would do next kept me fast to the seat . I was in heaven the smell of scented  candle filled the air .
” what shall we do ” she said with a little giggle .
I smiled at her , she knew what i was thinking but she wanted to tease me . I was more then willing to let her . The power had been of for 30 minutes now and she kept teasing me with her gentle words and her hand placement. She never stopped gently ticking the crease at the top of her leg . At this point i was as hard as i could ever be and the smell of cum started filling the air and she could smell it . I didn’t want her knowing what she was doing to me so i slowly pulled a pillow over myself . The smell of the dribbles of cum has become a bit fainter but it was still in the air
I was ready now i just wanted to be inside her i wanted her so bad , and she wanted me too. She continued to tease and then she peeped up and lent over and whispered in my ear
” i want to watch you ”
I smiled and played dumb
” watch me what ”
She smiled and looked at the pillow
” i want to watch you touch yourself ”
She said with out blinking . As she sat back her hand grabbed the pillow and pulled it away . Now she could see what she had done to me . It was standing up and hard and proud in my trousers .
” well can i watch you ”
” yes but you have to let me watch you ”
She smiles and pulls her knickers to the side
” is this what you want to see ”
Her finger start tickling through her pubic hair . I nodded and started to unzip my trousers. My penis had burst the two buttons open on my boxer shorts cause as soon as i pulled the zip open , it exploded through the hole , en a drop of pre- cum slowly dribbled out the end
” don’t waste it , i want to taste it ”
I slowly ran my finger up the shaft lightly pressing on the skin to work out the most of my nectar as i can . My finger was covered in the clear delight and she grabbed my hand at lightly licked my fingers .
” mmmm it tastes so nice ”
She closed her eyes , i could only wonder what she was going to do . Then she opens her eyes and looks down at her moist tight lips . Her hand softly runs over her lips and with two finger she open her petals. I could not see the full extent of her wetness , as a drop of her fluids ran down and out of her tight moist hole . At this point she ran her finger over her clitoris and looked at me as she slides one finger inside her
” touch your self i want to watch you ”
She pulls out her moisten finger and leans over and places her finger in to my already opened mouth
” do you like the taste ”
I softly suck and savour the taste of her heavens gateway
” you taste so beautiful ”
It was the only way i could describe it . My hand grasped my shaft and i slowly started teasing myself . She started rubbing her clit and placing finger inside her it wasn’t to long and i could hear her breath start to deepen and her moans to get loaders and in an explosion of shear ecstasy her body started convulsing and her cum was exploding out of her and over the sofa . This wasn’t enough for her as i was still touching myself she continued but i could feel that she wanted me to cum . I locked eyes with her and i quickened the pace , and imagined that i was inside her and fucking her deep and hard . I was reaching the point of no return and she could see it as my legs started to twitch .
” cum for me , cum in my mouth ”
I looked at her and she lent over and places her hand around my tingling balls .
” do you like this ”
I nodded , i could not speak as my body wanted to explode . She opens her mouth and places it around the tip and looks up at me . The feel of her teeth against the end was too much and i bit my lip and erupted with warm jet of cum in to her mouth , she didn’t stop she wanted every drop. I placed my hand on her shoulder and she started lick the end
” oh my god ”
The shear excitement was too much and i exploded for the second time but this Tim it wasn’t as much but it fell over her face and chest .
She looked up at me and smiled and at that moment the lights came back on
” did you enjoy not having power ”
She said to me
” yeah i did ”
I replied as i watched her wipe of the excess at had fell on her .
” well i better go and shower now , do you want to join me ”
She said as she got off the sofa
” i will join you , i love you so much ”
I shouted as she walked towards the door
” i love you to , see you in a min ”       

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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