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Loose change

Loose change , its Can change fate .
Its the difference of getting and got , it allows you or deny you .
Giver or its the taker, can shape love .
It allows to build a friendship or take a life .
Its the sure thing that will or wont .
To get the bus or have to walk .
It could be the difference in chocolates or just a card .
A good present, or some thing that has no meaning .
That call to say i love you , or the long wait to hear those three words.
It could mean help or being the helper  .
The time piece or the time taker.
It could be the difference in a meal , or just crisps .
One persons loose change is another’s dream .
It maybe heavy but without it you could be lost .
Its the call to say ” i will be late ” .
Its also the means for a new beginning
The loose change in your pocket although it is heavy and some times not that impressive. Can be you first and only life line . Its the hero in our pockets that no one has ever thanked for always being there through thick and thin

Loose change our friend , our unsung heroes in our pockets

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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