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A snapshot of space

The sky is a snap shot of the past for all to view in all its glory . We shake our heads and blink our eyes to take a mental picture of what the Heavens have done . The pictures are burnt in to our minds eyes waiting for the night so we can witness the spectacle that is our universe . Each star blinks and sinks further in to space as our back yard grows . Space travel is possible in our minds we need to capture the sun shines in a picture and ride each pulse of our heartbeat . In our minds anything is possible for them who seek the waves of our universe.
Time travel is meant for movies , but as we look to the Celestial bodies in the galactic archive we can trace the footprints of the world. The birth of a star is a violent expression of how our sky is never going to be the same . Each generation will look to our sun and marvel in its heat and be warmed in the knowledge that our star in the heart of our solar system. Each warrior that our empires of past , have had battle in the arenas of old and looked to the same yellowmistic giant in our sky and prey . There is no water colour that can capture the true essence of our solar garden . With technology we will see further in to the garden of Eden and see the morsel of space stars collapse . The light will burn on in our pictures and snap shots in our minds eye

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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