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The stopped time of christmas

The night December 24 , the air is still . Calm fills every crevice in the room , nothing is moving not even the sway of the foil decorations move with the remaining heat in the room . The old clock over the mantelpiece strikes 10 pm , each chime echos around the room . The tree in the window glisten in the moonlight as it passes the frost on the outside of the window . The time slowly passes and the hours flicker by , like the passing of the night cars . The chimes sound once again , 12 am comes and passes . A draft lightly drops down the chimney,  dislodging some soot and it falls lightly covering the still warm embers as they lay in the fireplace  . A snowflake slowly passes by the window and casts a shadow of angel on the wall next to the fire place . The tree slightly sways as the clock strikes 1 , as the chime began it stops abruptly . The second hand stops and time stands still  , it was as if the time in the room stood still but nature could not be stopped as the frost grew and covered the pain of glass completely.  The artist was nature and the picture was a masterpiece,  the frost created swirls and elaborate designs that no human could ever recreate . As the masterpiece was completed a shadow formed on the wall next to the fireplace , the figure was a man a plump man at that . The
shadow grew deeper and deeper like it was coming down the chimney . The figure would stand up and the colour would come the the jolly , like a Polaroid picture . The colour swirl round to all parts of the dark figure , collecting and expelling out the darkness till the figure was fully suited in a large red fur coat , and red baggy trousers and red boots with a white tr. The trim on the coat was last to form as the beard on the jolly mans faces grew whiter and his cheeks began to get rosie . As the finishing touches was put on the jolly man a second shadow started to form next to him , but this shadow was not like the figure of christmas but it was more like a large bag , or a sack in fact . The sack laided empty on the floor as the colour was to come , but as like the jolly man the colour would swirl around the shadow until it was a red sack with a white fur trim . The sack laid empty on the floor till the jolly man placed his hands on his waist and let out a laugh , but not any ordinary laugh it was the laugh of christmas . The jolly man let out to the laugh the the world knows him for ‘ ho ho ho ho ‘ , with every breath that he made the sack would get fuller   till no more would fit in to the already spilling sack .   The jolly would take a step towards the tree and places his hand on the sack and swings it over his shoulder . With every step he took the wooden floor would creak the sound of the leather boot folding and creasing as they moved across the floor  would be accompanied by the sound of the toys moving in the sack . The jolly man got to the tree and took a glance at the frosted window and placed his hand on the cold glass and the chill made is hair on his hand stand on end but as he removed his hand melted into the frost was a christmas tree . The jolly man places the sack next to the tree and turned back to the window and the tree was gone and replaced with a snowflake , the man smiled and said in a soft voice ‘hello dear friend ‘ . He turned back and knelt down on one knee and places his hands in to the sack and feels round , it was like he was looking for something . The jolly man looked to the star on the tree , ‘ well you going to speak to me then , dear friend ‘ . Nothing was said but the jolly man smiled and looked in to the sack , ‘ your right , you always know what to say  . So how will we do this then i have not done this in a few centuries spirit ‘ . He places his hand on to a little bag that is hanging from the black leather belt around his waist .

‘ ok christmas spirit what shall i do next ‘ a silence fell in the room and the jolly man smiled and nodded.  He takes the bag in one hand and the sack in the other hand.  ‘ ok spirit shall we then ‘ , with the bag in his hand he sprinkles the contents on to the sack and then stands up and takes a few steps back , as he come to look at the tree and the sack he let out the Christmas laugh ‘ ho ho ho ‘ . The sack opens and the gifts explode out the sack and fall neatly around the tree and the jolly man looks at the window one last time , but the snowflake has gone and a picture of the jolly man was replacing it but this time the jolly man was riding a sleigh pulled by reindeer . He smiles and looks at the sack ‘ well i think my job here is done ‘ . The jolly man sat on a stool  next to the fireplace and put out his palms and the embers glowed red and the fire became alive . The flames licked the air like a serpents tongue , he could feel the heat warming his bones , ‘ well mother nature , its me and you on this night . Where shall we go now ‘ . The flames died down as the jolly man came to his feet , but then he spots on the mantelpiece  two mince pies and a glass of milk but next to the milk was a note .

Dear santa

Hi my name is dean and i’m 8 but i don’t need to tell you that because you already know that.
I would like to wish you a happy christmas and i hope you like the mince pies and milk 
I wanted to warm the milk but my dad said it would be cold by the time you get here
Well anyway i hope you have a good night and merry Christmas

Load of love and joy


This made the jolly man smile but as he smiled a tear ran down his face,  but as the tear ran off his skin and dropped on to the paper a reply started to form as the tear moved round the paper

Dear dean

Thank you so much for the mince pies they are the best i have ever tasted
You should send the recipe to the North Pole so mrs santa can make some
You dad was right about the milk it would of been cold by the time i came to drink it
But thank you for the thought
Well i better get off as the reindeer are getting restless and i don’t want you to be disturbed by them as they walk around on your roof 

Merry christmas

S.c          (SANTA)

As the jolly mans time came to an end he looked to the tree and smile and clapped his hand three times and said merry christmas , at that moment the jolly man started to turn back into the shadow but as the shadow moved to the wall the clock chime started and time reawakened and the shadow moved round the room and back up the chimney,. As the shadow disappeared he said one last thing

‘ dean in my sack i leave you a gift for all to share , i hope you will like it ‘

As the shadow shot up the chimney the jolly man said one last thing

‘Dont forget to take it for walks ,       woof   ‘

As quick as the moment started , it was over and the house went back to life



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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