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Snow flakes

Im lost in the snow as each flake fall
The tree are white and stand up tall
The light is brighter as the darkness goes 
The snow shows just where i go
My feet they sink in flakes as the lay
By the lock , sea and bay
Im lost but cant forget the way i came
The way back home to where i stay
The snow it fall and sticks to all
From the ground or trees so tall
The steps i take are covered up
Im lost im stuck cant find my truck

The cold is coming and im feeling weak
I can not find a log for a seat
Having to lean up to a tree
To take a breath and see it freeze
The snow it falls and im still lost
I have no food , nore drink or broth
Im feeling cold and still alone
As i wonder deeper in the snow
Feet are numb and fingers too
I have lost gloves and scarfs gone too



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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