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Souls intertwined

The petals they are falling , and resting on your skin
The light it softly glimmer as the wind sweeps and kisses your chin
Your tender lips are candy , as I fall in love with you 
The breeze calls out you name as softly as I touch you
The blades of grass the softest when your here with in my arms

Your hair it lightly whispers , it call out for us to be
I love it when your next to me , my world it feels complete
We wake up and we settle , in love warming nest
You hear my heart beating , as it chimes right through my chest

Our hearts are intertwined, like the fabric of our time
I want to feel your soft touch as I know that you are mine
If life was a belonging I would Sell the world for you
If I was to live forever in glad its here with you

I want the world to know this as I am your baby boo

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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