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The frost

Standing in  the garden there’s a chilll in the air
The stars all around me , the sky it has no care
The grass begins to glisten as the temperature it drops
The air is so still now , you could hear a pin drop

The air is so still now and nothing is awake
Nothing is moving as my body starts to shake
The breeze it transending for my heart begins to pound
The frost is slowly forming it laces all the ground
It shaping and it covers , like it nature crown
Everything is covered as it moves over the icy crown

The pools of water are freezing and the ice it plays it games
Freezing as its cooling , it even freezes up the waves
The air it is really cold now , the moon it sings its song
The moon light it is helping as jack frost begins his run
He is dancing as he is playing as he jumps from car to car
I can see your footprints , the frosty marks on top of the cars

I willing and im wanting to see what you do next
Your marking as mesmerising as me eyes begin to vex
I want to see the frosty out come as you game is played all night
I can not stay to watch you  , the air freezes with all its might
I can see my breath in front and my eyes begin to dry
My time outside has finished as my eyes shed a tiny cry



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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