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Bed time tease

My knees they quiver , my knees they shake
The thought of you makes my heart race
You touch my hand and I cant move
The touch of you now you skins so smooth
I want to move on in to kiss
I hope to god that I don’t miss
My nerves tremble I can not wait
You make me happy , my love safe
The light is kisses around your neck
I want to see , I want to wake
I cant believe that my heart shakes
Your hand it trembles down my spine
Your finger Taste like the sweetest wine
You chest is pressed up against my own
Our heart beats it sets the tone
We both are naked as our skin touch
The static flows as our hands touch
The excitement builds and the sweat it runs
I want to explode I want to cum
I stop the urge for it can wait
I want you now I can not stop
My skin it trembles, it throbs and wont stop
It slips inside , I can not take
You move your hips and your body quakes
You voice it moans and your eyes they say
I want you inside , I want you today
My thoughts are pure , my thoughts are exact
Lets go to bed now I will tickle your back

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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