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White sand

My feet they are softly sinking into the wet white sand .
I reach on over to take you by you hand.

We watch as they are sinking in deeper so we stay .
I wonder if the world will ever be this way .

The sun beam they are kissing the grains of sand around
Nothing can disturb them as the warm the things around

The sun it deeply pouring its light upon our heads
Like dancing little halos that prance around our heads

Your hand its gripping tighter as the waves caresses our feet
Little supple kisses that makes the air taste so sweet

Your eyes they are dazzled as the reflection takes our heart
It grips it tight and last for life so we are never apart

Our souls are dripping with our love
Like the dripping star of time

We live for this moment
It tastes sweeter then any wine

The moment is now closing and the day begins to set
Let me take us back to the time we had when our feet they felt the wet

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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