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My blog , my world

My blog isn’t the biggest , it not even the best
When im am writing , im cut off from the rest
I’m free to speak my mind out , im free from the world
I’m even here to capture the things inside my world
I’m off to the land where no one else can See
I’m off the capture time and sit and read with glee
I’m off the sun rise or even to a distant place
I’m off to where the river carves out and snow will take its place
My blog is my own work im a writer you can see
Im Dislexsic and cant spell good but I write what comes to me
Its my own bit of passion its the one hobby that I love
I doing it when im closest to my one and truly love
My thoughts can be so random or I speak about my wife
Many little encounters or some talk of strife
My blog is my own world now come in to my mind
We can all sit and listen on white beaches sipping wine
I hope that you enjoy it , I hope you all can stay
Pay My blog a visit and come back another day

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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