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Me and the breeze

The windows are open , the air has a chill
The crispness your bring as the air bring the thrill

Drifting and claiming with each supple touch
Its never seen as a moment , it shadows by your touch

The curtains they tremble and drift in your breeze
The naked chill is forbidden as it bring me to my knees

I breath in your freshness as we wipe of our sweat
The nakedness is compelling as my body begins to wet

Like a lover in waiting , you always find your mark
Your breeze keeps on drifting as the shadows start the dark

Your kisses are friendly and noble in ways
The chill of your Stirring , as my hand start to play

This tingling sensation as the particles start the drift
Flowing like a river as you take loves sweet gifts

Laying on the carpet each swirl that I missed
I can feel the ground chilling as my heat goes a miss

My hands are exploring the places that you see
The moistness and pleasing that you bring all for me

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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