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The ground it trembles , as I place my feet
Everything is small but i like meat

As I walk everything turns and run
I let out a raw it can be some fun

My feet can leave indents for all to see
My path for all who would follow me

Tiny hands that cant do much
I cant ever scratch my Gooch or crutch

My teeth are big , I have a big bite
No one wants to test my might

I might be big but im not slow
If you run I will chase you , where you go

My eyes are big but there not to good
If you stand still its like an invisible hood

I walk alone with no one to play
If they hear me come they run away

I have a big long tail , its like my whip
It gets in the way when I want to sit

I like to chase and hunt and play
Wont you pass by The Jurassic park some day 

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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