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5) days of life , give blood from the heart as the pulse clears the path for the minds eye to open and see

4) elements that the world holds to bring life to those who will walk amongst the clouds . Earth , wind , fire , water the bases for the life on our planet
Earth – we wonder the earth looking for the one
Wind – to breath life in to our lungs for that we have a heart that we abuse by breaking it over and over
Fire – this element I feel is one of the greatest as we need the fire to not just for warmth and cooking , but the element is use to heat our souls for the chase to find the love that we all crave
Water – water is the main ingredient to life as with out it we would pass to the plain in the sky , but water cools the heat in our souls and fuels the passion in our mind

3) this is the words we use in day to day life , some are said with meaning but for all it has a universal property
I love you – these words are thrown around with out a thought but with our four element put to use these words are the most powerful and meaningful words in our dictionary
I miss you – these words we tend to use for the love one when we haven’t seen them . I find the most meaning in these word are for the passing of a loved one , who is sat on the plain in the sky watching over us

2) the movement of a couple is based in two motion , forward ,and backward . We like to measure our love for one and another by two steps back or two steps forward if we all hold our head high we will take two leaps forward

1) I am just one person and my views are the perspective of my own feeling and thoughts but we can all learn from one and another . We can form the one unit and live in harmony with love for ourselves and others around

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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