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You , me and our sensuality

We are just sensual weapons
We are made just for desire
Unique with every sculpting
We are just for a grand design

We all have our own techniques
For to tease the other sex
But it all boils down to
To two people having sex

With our bodies Of pleasure
Tools for us to use
We perfect the act of mating
We summon for a sexual bloom

With sensation and aroma
With lotions made for lust
The act is very simple
Its just you , me and us

With finger and hands exploring
Feathers and chocolate is a must
To eat of your goddess body
To lick it off your bust

Our heat is rapidly rising
We are but slaves to our desire
To take you soft and gentle
For love it has no wire

The lust is everlasting
What you want , im your to see
There no need for searching
I’m right here on my knees

We kiss every crevice
I lick from toes to knee
I want to feel you tremble
As im deep inside of thee

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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