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Sweetest wine

The candle light still flickers and the meal has now been had . The dishes are still waiting , and the wine is on tap . They have moved from the table to the lounge  to where there seduction take on a new form . From there souls came a new light as the wine caresses there inner strength and the sensual animals emerge . Nothing was said but the looks from each others inner being was taking in body movement.
The candles light flickering casted a shadow of there innermost desires for one and another. Just as the wine glasses left there hands and where placed on the coffee table , there souls became one and in that moment time stood still . In a blink of an eye there cloths became an obstacle  for nothing was going to keep them from teasing each other to breaking point . Shirt buttons flew across the room like the scattering of rain as it hit the ground . The ripping of the fabrics that made there clothing echoed in each corner of the room , to the beat of an leaf whispering in the wind .
The wine that once gently sat in the housing of A wine glass was violently spilled on the table as the battle of cloth commenced. It was time for the beads of sweat to play there part in the lubrication of the lust of the two human animals . Each passing second pulled the animals together in a playful erotic explosion of almost naked beings . There movement became erratic and the playfulness became an onslaught of wine and strawberries , and copious amounts of sweetened crème fresh .
The sweetened cream made for games and the eating off each others willing bodies . The wine would be licked from anywhere in which it would lay on the nakedness that they had became . In a moment of shear bliss there minds erupted in a mass of ecstasy . There bodies came together and pulled in to a galactic act of love as there bodies moved as one .


im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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