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Olympus , man vs gods

Walking through the rip tide , with the sun light in my eyes
The Feel of the ocean lapping as the spray it hits my face
The soft white sand is under foot and curling between my toes
The ocean keeps me moving , pulling and whispering as it goes

The wind gently picks up and waves start to crash
Each wave is getting bigger , each wave loves to splash  
The water getting colder , a cold I feel inside
I feel the life been pulled out , like a chilling watery knife

The chill is sapping my Breathing , its getting harder and harder to breath
I can feel the cold its chilling as it takes me to my knees
The waves are beating away at the last life that I can see
I don’t think I can hang on as Poseidon laughs at me

Olympus is not calling , it wont take on any man
Poseidon likes to test us , as we venture through the life of man
Aphrodite’s like to walk among the life of mortal man
Showing how to love as she holds out her loving hand

On this day in the ocean , Poseidon was the king
The ocean became sharks feasting , on this my mortal flesh
Aphrodite would come to save me , and hold me in her arms
The love she showed me as my life became The tale of mortal fishermen
My soul taken by the gods as Olympus made a story for the ages

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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