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Hallway of lust

i can feel the tension building
I can see that we are bound
Nothing will ever stop us
Our love it hold no bound

The doors are slowly shutting
The hallway lights the way
Our heart beats are racing
As our love is here to stay

My hands they start to tremble
My knees become all weak
A sweat bead is forming
As the sweat begins to breed

I fall apart from passion
I cling to all I got
I want to hold you closer
I will give you all I got

My heart feels like its exploding
My arousal will not stop
My blood wont stop boiling
My love will turn to lust

Your hands are warm and tender
Your heart it beats with lust
The suppleness of your body
The bouncing of your bust

The lights are slowly dimming
Our bodies come in close
The sweat that we perspire
It enticing and invokes

Our cloths are just an obstacle
That our hands will surely pass
Unbuttoning and unzipping and the undoing of a clasp

We stand together naked
My hands they can not wait
Undressing you was foreplay
As my knees they start to shake

Our bodies are inviting
An invitation of our lust
The pillows will be waiting
For inside you is a must

Our kisses lead to the bedroom
Where we fall on to the bed
The throwing off of covers
As my tongue kisses your breasts

Your hands are inducing
A hardness of my parts
Your skin is soft and steering
As I slip in to your heart

Each thrust into your moistness
Is an orgasm of my heart
Our bodies come together
In a symbiotic loving heart

The time has come for passion
As our bodies can not stop
Our movements tremble together
As we thrust through the gods



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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