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The cavern

Walking through the cavern
There is no light that I can see
Walking on the moist moss
The floor it slip and slide for me
Walking and not knowing
Where the path will lead
Walking in the darkness
I have lost the light im bound

The cavern swallows the sunlight
It will not let it go
The light is far behind me
I know not where to go
My finger are my feelers
Like a bug lost in the night
I battle through the darkness
For I want to see the light

Like the holy grail for nature
I’m feeling up the walls
Lost my sight in darkness
feeling the walls of goo
Blind but im still hearing
I will open up my sense
The time is everlasting
For the sunrise lost its zest

The air is getting thicker
The dampness is in my cloths
I’m feeling dirty and moistened
I can smell the soil it grows 
The sound of Barron echo’s
My voice that i can hear
It accompanied and tormenting
But it my voice and its just me

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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