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Fairy tale of old

The day was just beginning , the sun was high in the sky
The sun was softly blinking away in the deep blue sky

The morning light was subtle, its pleasing through the trees
The morning dew was is blessing , as it glistens on the leaves

He woke to hear the tweeting of a blue bird in it song
A little dream of a whisper as the bird flew and gone

The morning was near perfect as he threw on his old cloths
The socks had holes and the trousers had not but the t-shirt was a girls

His family not the richest but they had a lot of heart
The kindest parents you could of ask for , and a house full of love

That day was just the beginning , of a life that he was sent
The post had come and the letter was read , but no words that could be sent

The college had not been able , to place him in a class
So he scrimped and save and bought in  , to the class of wooden hearts

That day would be the start of a life that he had dreamt
For that day would be the day that his heart would surely mend

On that day he ventured , in to territory unknown
For he saw a love that glistened on a beauty that was known

She took his hand and whispered , our loves like treasured gold
He kissed her lips and wondered if there love would ever get old

10 years have passed since the beginning of that day
There love was truly blooming and the couple had been wed

Three kids of love had blessed them , in a world that just like this
A love that’s forged by nature , and blessed by the gods and kings



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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